Central Florida Engineering Consultants, LLC

Russell C. Maynard

Managing Member

Russell C. Maynard has over thirty years experience in Civil Engineering throughout Florida.  With thirty years of experience within the Civil Engineering Field, he has progressed from initial draftsman status, through technician, project engineer, project manager, and partner, to managing principal.  Throughout this time, he has been significantly involved with computer systems and computer aided design.  Mr. Maynard is Managing Member of Central Florida Engineering Consultants, LLC, administering and championing design and permitting in the transformation of our projects, from concept through construction. As Principal/Project Manager, Mr. Maynard is responsible for numerous land development projects within the Central Florida area.  His duties include responsibility for management of the production staff, as well as outside project sub-consultants.  While design responsibilities include hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and design utilizing current state-of-the-art computer modeling, horizontal and vertical alignments for both existing and new roadway systems and intersections, design of water and sewer facilities for both retrofit and new facilities extensions, Mr. Maynard also oversees or performs the gamut of permitting activities.

Mr. Maynard's experience, from "grass roots" production to and through the full gamut of Project Management, provides Central Florida Engineering Consultants, LLC with production and design mastery from a professional truly dedicated to the Civil Engineering discipline.